Emmy Lundström

Food stylist and recipe writer
Thanks to many years of experience as a journalist, Emmy has a broad knowledge of communication and different types of content. As a food stylist she works with a variety of clients, both editorial and commercial. Emmy loves food and has a passion for creating food images that appeal to all senses. She is meticulous, with a keen eye for detail as well as a sensitivity for the entirety.
Emmy is one of the founders of the creative collective and studioFabriken i Kransenin Midsommarkransen, Stockholm. There she has her office, a well-stocked props storage, a space for shoots as well as a kitchen where she develops recipes.
Since 2007, Emmy has been in the field of journalism and has previously worked as an editor and writer for several magazines and newspapers. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.
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Lisen Sundberg

Lisen Sundberg

Prop stylist, journalist, beauty editor and art director

Fearless and creative, Lisen Sundberg is an expert at finding and expressing the essence of an object – its color, shape and purpose.

Lisen’s first dream was to become a photographer. After studying art, pattern-making and design, she entered the world of magazines and styling. She has experience with most aspects of the fashion magazine and advertising world: she has written about fashion and beauty, styled both people and props, and occasionally worked as an art director.

These days, she primarily works with objects rather than models, which offers the space and opportunity to dig into those small details – although Lisen has cheerfully worked with mice, ants and reptiles, too, when that’s what it takes to make the picture perfect. Born and raised in Stockholm, Lisen’s number one hobby is travel, followed closely by food, friends and cute kittens on YouTube.

Eleonora von Essen

Recipe writer and food stylist
As a former food editor of magazines and with four cookbooks of her own, Eleonora has an eye for the whole picture as well as the delicious detail. In addition to extensive editorial experience she has had a wide variety of commercial tasks including food styling in motion adverts as well as stills, food innovation, recipe writing, events and inspiration workshops. When needed Eleonora is a dedicated consultant at all levels of the creation process. 
Down the street from where she lives in Vasastan, Stockholm, Eleonora has her own beautiful little kitchen studio. There she does smaller shoots, develops recipes and stores her props. All sorts of food find their way into Eleonora’s portfolio, but her love is with the green stuff and keeping it simple.  
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Jacob Wismar photography

Jacob Wismar

Food stylist and food consultant

To Jacob Wismar, being a food stylist is not only about creating great food and beautiful pictures. His interest is as much in the message: from the client to their client, told through dishes or pictures. Jacob originally trained as a chef, but he has had many professions. His broad carrier includes work as a head waiter, club owner, nutritionist, health guru, web designer, catering company owner, industrial developer and concept consultant. With an excellent sense of trends, he always seems to be “where it happens.” “Well,” he says, “I like to have fun and I try not to say no, and also not to worry.”

Jacob lives on a horse farm with his wife and four children – which might be why he says things like, “Why do we give our kids food we’d never dream of giving a horse?” Yeah, why do we? Jacob’s passion for healthy cooking was the basis of his cookbook, “Jacob’s Healthy Kitchen, The Family Method” – which focuses on meals for children and families with less meat and semi-finished ingredients. It also sums up the focus of his professional work: beauty from the inside out.

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Linda Åhman

Interior/still life stylist

Linda has worked for the largest interior magazines for a long time, mainly in Sweden but also for foreign magazines. With her combined education in visual merchandising followed by a journalist education, a step in to the magazine world felt obvious. To work with the image in focus and making it appealing is what excites Linda. It involves both to build a realistic environment in a larger settings or just a delightful eye candy but also to make the small things captivating. She is not afraid to use color but she emphasizes the importance to keep a harmonized color scale. The same applies for the composition – keep a clean base style but contrast with playful and interesting elements.
With the image in focus a natural step and good combination for Linda was to include advertisement assignments in her work. With large productions such as the IKEA catalogue, the MIO catalogue, etc. she embrace working in a diverse and dynamic team environment, providing her with the opportunity to undertake a wide range of collaborative tasks. Linda is used to develop and deliver a complete concept but does not exclude working close together with the client to develop an outstanding concept.
Born and raised in Stockholm – Linda spends weekdays at Södermalm and the weekends preferable in the little house in the archipelago. Travels – both to sun, city and snow, enjoys good food and keeping a healthy lifestyle is something that makes Linda happy.
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Office: Brahegatan 4, plan 5, Stockholm
E-mail: info@housefp.com 
Phone: +46 70-730 84 48