Monarki Stockholm Mediaproduktion

Monarki Stockholm Mediaproduction

Monarki Stockholm Mediaproduction offers fast, visionary stunning, cost effective and sustainable film production for digital channels, primary. We provide a full solution from idea to final product. Working intimately with our co workers results in full control and maximum speed. We always deliver that little extra that catches the viewer when it comes to content, graphics, sound and idea.

Marcus Frendberg, CEO

Producer, Line producer, Digital Communicator, Director, Format developer, Copy writer, Photographer still/film, Sound technician, Editing and post production, Music production.

Jojo Borg Larsson, Creative Director

Stylist DIY, food, interior, fashion, Illustrator, Graphic designer, Animator, Post production, Idea and format developer, Responsible for Monarki Stockholm Studio.

Office: Sankt Eriksgatan 101, Stockholm
Phone: +46 70-730 84 48