Carl Lemon photography

Carl Lemon

Drink, food and still life photographer

That glimpse of a second when everything is perfect – that’s what photography is about. At least if you ask Carl Lemon, a photographer very much defined by his interest in the technical aspect of the profession. He is also what we’d call an easy-going yet stubborn person.

Still lifes with perfect lighting comprise his strongest field, whether with drinks, food or other items – and Carl is certainly the guy who’d do absolutely anything to bring his intentions to fruition.
“To me, perfection is when every detail is orchestrated by the team, when we have control and can create what we’ve set out to do,” he says. “I’ve never seen myself as an artist; making clients’ visions come true is what I strive for.”

Carl is a self-taught photographer. He studied economics at university and was hired by an entrepreneur to write a book – and thus became a copy writer. Working for an ad agency, he realized that taking pictures was what he truly enjoyed. “Taking small steps in the right direction has always been my way of life. I believe in evolution, not in revolution. I like to focus on what I see, to keep it clean and without unnecessary details. And most of all, I like to bring life to things and people.”

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Pelle Lundberg photography

Pelle Lundberg

Food, beverage, still life and portrait photographer

Pelle Lundberg has worked with photography since he was 16 years old. He is a master of all aspects of food and still life photography, from setting the perfect light to creative solutions for demanding photo tasks. Pelle is also a sensitive portrait photographer and popular among clients for his social skills and friendly demeanor.

With about twenty years of experience, Pelle has a large number of commercial clients, many of whom are in various areas of the beverage business.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Pelle is based in his live-work apartment, which has a fully furbished kitchen and photography studio in an old industrial building in central Stockholm that offers ample space and beautiful natural light.

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Paloma Rincón

Food, drinks and still life photographer
Paloma was born and raised in Mexico, that´s where her use of color and her love for the hand made and the crafts come. She spent her childhood building and painting sets for her dolls to
Based in Madrid, Spain, she works worldwide. From experimental and personal projects to commercial assignments for big companies.
She creates visual games in the intersection where photography meets sculpture, design, instalation or illustration. With a playful and contemporary aesthetic approach, the resulting images showcase the organic world and beautiful designs of nature into graphic compositions with bold colours. Her photographic images are the result of a meticulous planning process, resulting in a selection of props, textures and lighting techniques that all come together in a unique harmony. Paloma combines an accurate use of technique and the creativity of a craftsman. Playing with reality, the beauty of handcraft recovers its value and magic.
Her clients include a wide variety of names, from huge corporations to smaller brands, magazines and institutional clients such as: Coca-Cola, Swatch, Google, Ford, Ikea, Samsung, Kleenex, Toyota, Vodafone, Schweppes, Absolut, Sonos, San Miguel, J&B, Royal Bliss, Jotun, Universal Music, Architectural Digest, Neo2, Esquire, among many others…
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Elin Sylwan

Elin Sylwan

Still life, food and interior photographer

With Elin Sylwan, everything is about contrast. As a photographer, she loves working with natural light. She also appreciates the control of creating an image from scratch – working with contrasts in light, color and textures to enhance the mood, with a sensitive eye for details and without being too perfect.

After graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia with a BA in commercial photography, Elin moved back to Stockholm to assist some of Sweden’s foremost still life and interior photographers. She began her own photography career while gaining years of experience in the industry. Through the process of exploring still life and interiors, Elin slowly embarked on a journey toward the more natural realm.

Elin is now settling into the world of food and the culture surrounding it. She finds inspiration in her passion for nature and the environment, whether it’s the pure beauty of a simple carrot, the sensation of new flavors, traveling to new places or following seasonal changes. Food is comfort and memories. Food is a sensibility that should be shared with others.

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Sofi Sykfont

Food and Interior Photographer
Born and raised in the countryside of Skåne, and had a happy childchood with horses and other animals.  Has actually “always” photographed but took a detour to the photographic art through the music. Sofi first become a classical fluteist, after studies in Sweden and Paris she worked for 20 years as a fluteist in both symphony / opera orchestras and as a chamber musician. Found back to photography and since 2009 she has worked as a full-time photographer. Sofi is happy to photograph interior, food and still life and, through the years, has produced serveral reportage and covers mainly for the interior magazine. Other customers are Tarkett, IKEA among others.
Preferably, Sofi works with daylight and loves dreamlike moods, straight lines, negative space and harmony in pictures.
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Chris Tonnesen photography

Chris Tonnesen

Food, lifestyle and travel photographer

Chris Tonnesen has a keen eye for the unique and the tasty – eating at its best; people at their realest; lifestyle at its most fearless. Based in Copenhagen, Chris identifies as equally Danish and Swedish; he is rooted in the cool, oblique light of Scandinavia. His pictures are fresh, vibrant and lively. Chris has a way with light that turns every speckle, seed and sunray into something tangible, yet otherworldly. The world before his lens is crisp, vivid and after-the-rain fresh.

Without really realizing it, food and photography had always been part of his life – even as a teenager in rural Denmark. It was not until a friend told him he could study photography and make a living by taking pictures of food that he truly understood his life’s calling.

Chris works with commercial and editorial clients. When he’s not working, he loves to travel with a camera in hand. And if you like to cook, there’s a good chance that one or two of Chris’s cookbooks is on your shelf.

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Frida Wismar

Frida Wismar

Food, beverage, baking, cookbook photographer

Easy-going, down-to-earth and tremendously creative, Frida Wismar is the rare kind of food photographer who won’t only shoot the photos – but will also set the table, write the recipe and cook the meal.

Educated at Beckmans College of Design, Frida has a history in fashion as a designer and stylist. She has worked as a food photographer on editorial and commercial assignments for about ten years and is (already!) the photographer behind over 20 cookbooks (four of which have yet to be published, and of course, not all featuring her food). Frida lives on a ranch outside Stockholm with her big family: her husband, four kids, two horses, a dog and a cat.

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Danger Österlin photography

Danger Österlin

Food, beverage, still life, interior photographer

Photographer Danger Österlin was born in Stockholm and began to be interested in food and drinks at an early age. Danger’s mother ran a catering company where he as a 15-year-old started to help and thus gained lots of good experience, which then took him to the restaurant industry. He began to work as a chef after he graduated from high school and got a job at Stockholm’s oldest restaurant Leijontornet. The famous restaurant has had a star in the prestigious Guide Michelin in several rounds.

After a number of years as a chef, Danger continued and with his great interest in food, it was natural to start photographing food and beverages. His eye for color and shape has made him today work with a number of major customers in this field. He has also developed his skills in other areas such as still life, people, and travel.

Danger lives in Söder in Stockholm and, together with his wife, has 2 children. In his spare time he likes to bake, cook and spend time outdoors.

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Office: Brahegatan 4, plan 5, Stockholm
Phone: +46 70-730 84 48