Oskar Vallinder & David Sandell

Animators and motion designers

Depiction’s Oskar Vallinder and David Sandell met each other while studying photography along with their colleague photographer Jonathan Silfverberg. However, Oskar and David soon realized that they were even more interested in making their images come to life by animation. Working with 3D animation, motion graphics and even stop motion, they are always looking for new techniques to use and new stories to fascinate us with.

Playfulness is a great word to describe their work with. Oskar and David always try to make irresistable worlds that you’d want to dive into, full of life and color. Their work can be found anywhere between realism and stylized abstraction, but it’s always filled with imagination and emotion.
Their films have played at festivals and art venues all over the world, including The Museum of Modern Art in New York and Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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Office: Brahegatan 4, plan 5, Stockholm
E-mail: info@housefp.com 
Phone: +46 70-730 84 48